The Studio Exec is the best movie site ever


I write for the Studio Exec and so it is obvious that I’m going to be a little biased but I have to say it is the best movie based satire site ever published. People used to say it was the Onion for movies, but now they are beginning to say that the Onion is the Studio Exec for everything else.

Over the past two and a half years, we’ve published over two thousand stories, some of them world changing.

Our recent post about George RR Martin looks set to completely change the direction of Game of Thrones. But we are also keen to further the knowledge of little known films. Take our series Hidden Gems which sets out to uncover hidden treasures of forgotten or simply unknown movies. The first post in the series features Citizen Kane.

That’s enough fluffery from me.

I know you love it because you’ve read it for years and it has changed your life.


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